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Uses Of Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call is a site dedicated to providing free conferencing services to its users. This conferencing service offers a wide range of features to satisfy the requirements of different users. It also provides advanced free conference call services for professionals who are interested in this type of conferencing.

It is essential note the the conference call services are not just about video calls. It also includes text chats and audio conferencing with options like voice mail and faxing. Free Conference Call is one of the leading sites that offer text-to-speech recognition technology. This advanced technology allows users to dictate text through their voice and then have it converted into text and then converted again into spoken communication.

Online Conferencing Free conference calling is an ideal way to conduct group meetings and get together with coworkers and members of other locations all over the world. Free Conference Calls makes it possible for businesses to interact with their employees online. A web portal provided by Free Conference Call enables online meeting participants to communicate with each other. These conferences can be attended by all the participants at the same time or by a limited number of people. They can be made using audio teleconferencing or web conferences.

Video Conferencing Online meetings conducted using Free Conference Call are much easier to manage compared to the conventional system of physically travelling for long distance meetings. Participants can join Free Conference Calls from any part of the world and they need not be much technologically savvy.

Audio teleconferencing is used to link a small group of people who are connected to the internet. The availability of toll-free calling and text messaging as well as real-time video conferencing makes it easier to hold video conferences.

Recordings Free conference calls can be recorded for future reference or for use in research and analysis. Conference recordings can be played back using any modern PC or MAC, without the need to purchase additional equipment and software. The disadvantage of video conferencing recordings is that they tend to be grainy or have poor audio quality. Good quality audio recordings are highly required to make good training and presentations.

Screening Free conference call recordings can be reviewed and approved prior to distribution. Reviewing and approving the contents to ensure that only what is necessary is given to those who need it. All contents should adhere to accepted rules of professional presentation and transcription. A screen recording can be useful for instructional purposes, training and learning, or for conducting a research study. Explore more on this subject here:

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