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Features of Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call is a site dedicated to offering low cost conference calling service. It is a site which offers the cheap and free conference call to its registered members. This is done by the web conferencing services offered to its members which include Low International Rates. You can also find other kinds of information about this site on various internet websites dedicated to conference calling.

You need to know that the free conference call services provide its users with various facilities for making cheap and low cost conference calls. One of these is HD Video Conferencing. This is a high quality video conference protocol that allows its participants to view one another. Thus, many people can be located at different locations and participate in the conference meeting at the same time.

Another one is Internet Telephony. Internet telephony is another facility provided by Free Conference Call. Here, users can make long distance or international calls with ease and without much cost. Thus, a Free Conference Call member can easily make long distance or international calls with ease and also at a very low cost. Also, Free Conference Calls gives its members access to toll-free numbers.

Free Conference Call has a dial-in feature wherein, a participant has to dial in and then join a conference call. After he is connected, he can join any part of it as well. He does not have to wait for a long time before connecting to other participants of the conference call.

One of the latest innovations in Free Conference Call is Online Meeting Room. Through this innovative feature, a Free Conference Call member can connect to other online participants in real time. This feature provides an online meeting room where its participants can communicate through a screen. With this feature, each and every participant is able to see his or her screen and hear his or her voice simultaneously. In a way, this helps each of them to be presentable and prevents hindrances during discussions. Once, a Free Conference Call member has participated in an online meeting room, he or she can also take screen shots of his or her surroundings.

Free Conference Call service is highly suitable for business professionals, managers, teachers and students. Teachers and students, who conduct seminars, lectures and discussion groups, can use Free Conference Calls service to convey their information to their participants. These seminars may contain audio and visual presentations or tutorials. Audio presentations are helpful when the speakers do not have enough time to deliver a lengthy lecture. Meanwhile, visual tutorials are good if they have to demonstrate how certain processes or products are used. Free Conference Call allows its participants to see their screens, hear and speak to each other, and allows them to interact with each other through a collaborative application. You can read this post to get more information on the topic:

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